Super Cute Keychains | Get Ideas To Make By Yourself

Do you wish to add a little flair with super cute keychains to your everyday accessories with a dangling bauble (or two… or maybe a dozen of them) for your keyrings? 

If you are excited about this idea, then we suggest you go for sparkle with a bejewelled ornament or display your personality with a vibrant and funky piece. 

Keychains are not only perfect to make for yourself, but they are also great if you want them to present as a simple gift. They are perfect for nearly everyone. The best part is that they are quite easy to make and very affordable at the same time. 

The cherry on top? These tiny keychains are very fun to make, too. So, we have compiled some simple yet creative ways to make these keychains.  

So, let us get on with it!

Fun Ideas To Make Super Cute Keychains At Home

#1 – Wooden Bead Keychain

Go for a vintage-western vibe with these simple keychains. String pastel wooden beads (or paint your own) on a leather string. Then, tie off the ends securely. This is a perfect craft for a party – the supplies are affordable and each guest can personalise their own cute keychains easily. 

#2 – Animal Figurine Keychain

Capture your spirit animal in a cute keychain! Take a cheap bag of any plastic animal toys (your dollar store likely has a lot of options). Next up, choose your species, coat with metallic spray paint and secure it to a keyring having an eye screw. 

#3 – Polymer Clay Fruit Keychain

Create a selection of miniature fruits out of vividly coloured clay. Then, bake and varnish for a long-lasting finish. These clay fruit keychains look jaw-dropping cute grouped together at a time. For instance, you can mould an orange, apple, and bananas as lunchbox pals. Moreover, you can also create a lime and lemon for a citrusy duo. 

#4 – DIY Tassel Super Cute Keychains

Arrange this do-it-yourself tassel keychain, and personalise it to match your cherished handbag. Add a few glass beads for a dash of sparkle, and these will look so expert. Trust us, you will want to tailor one on each and every colour out there. 

#5 – Wood Monogram Keychain

Tailor your own monogrammed, colour-blocked keychains for your sassiest pals. Tailor the colour schemes to coordinate with a leather tassel, and attach both of them to a keyring. This wood monogram keychain will be enough to wow your clients. Isn’t that what you wanted?

#6 – Candy Heart Super Cute Keychains

What is stopping you from channelling some of that candy heart sass into proper clay figurine keychains? With the help of a tiny cookie cutter and stampable letter, this idea could not be any simpler and more straightforward. It is a perfect mini present for your Valentine or even Galantines. 

#7 – Resin Map Keychain

An ideal alternative to a framed photo, this customised gift perfectly captures the memories of a shared vacation or road trip. Paste a recognisable bit of map into a pendant, then seal it with resin for an expert finish. 

#8 – Shrinking Plastic Keychain

If your kids love custom metal keychains, then an easy option for your crafters is a shrinking plastic keychain. The making of these embellishments is as simple to use as it is magical. All you need to do is trace (or draw) a fun image, then colour it using a permanent marker. After doing all of this, pop your coloured plastic into the oven to shrink due to heat. Make some extra to use them as strong gift tags, too. 

#9 – Fabric Cuff Keychain

A great way to utilise fabric scraps is to make fabric cuff keychains. These contrast-lined cuffs bring about a lot of pattern and colour to your keychains. Once you have your sewing machine out, whip up a handful of options to alter the look of all your accessories for any event or upcoming occasion. 

#10 – Wine Cork Keychain

Do you also have been saving those aesthetic-looking wine corks for some future craft, but cannot point out which one to opt for? Well, look no more, as we are here with a perfect option that will satiate your inner crafter. You can stock a bit with this idea. Feel free to attach a couple of dainty beads or charms to a neat and clean cork, then pop them on the keyring. These are specifically lovely gifts with a bottle of your favourite red colour. 

#11 – Cactus Felt Keychain

If you are not afraid of hand stitching around some tight curves, attempt this lovely tiny felt cactus. Your tight handiwork will certainly be rewarded, as this mini-plushy turns out extremely cute. 

#12 – Rope Tassel Keychain

Use the length of the versatile cotton rope to craft a set of coordinating keyring tassels. Finish by wrapping the frayed rope in embroidery floss to add a few stripes of contrasting colours. 

#13 – Glass Orb Super Cute Keychains

Add a bit of sophistication to your next custom-made gift. Source your favourite patterned scrapbook paper and cut them to your desired size. After that, layer a store-bought glass hemisphere over the top. These lapel pins Canada come together quickly; organise them to make a bunch in your next craft session. 

#14 – Pom Pom Super Cute Keychains

Festive and spunky, these yarn pom poms will give a burst of joy to any set of keys you wish. Care for a tip? You must invest in a plastic pom pom maker in different sizes. By doing so, you will be able to save time and labour in the long run. 

Summing It All Up!

And that is it, folks! By reading the information given above you are now well-acquainted with some trendy, unique, and one-of-a-kind ideas to make super cute keychains all by yourself. Is there any specific idea that caught your attention? Let us know. Moreover, we would like to highlight that the ideas given above were only a few inventive options, there is no limit to the potential of creativity when it narrows down to making keychains. So, feel free to make a keychain of whatever you want and however you want. We are sure that it will turn out just as great.

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