Custom Lapel Pins – Everything You Need To Know

We know a lot of people who swear that custom lapel pins are the best ever thing to happen, particularly in the realm of marketing. Are you one of those people, too?

There is no doubt that these pins make a nifty way to display events. They get your brand out and about with a fresh mix of good old shameless marketing and a dash of elegance and even boost recognition and whatnot. 

Lapel pins (or, as our dear boomers might prefer, brooches) are making a massive comeback. We are sure you have also spotted quite a lot of people roaming around with their lapel pins on. 

This is why we thought it would be nicer if we went over some vital information regarding these pins and their uses. If you think so, too, then take it as your cue and continue reading. 

Let us begin, shall we?

Fun Ways To Use Custom Lapel Pins

#1 – Awards And Recognition

You can always use personalized stickers or pins to reward your hardworking employees for their dedication, hard work, achievements, etc. As a matter of fact, it would have a very positive impact on your workforce and, eventually, your entire company culture. For non-profit organizations, too, these pins are an impactful way to display how much you value the constant efforts and time of donors and volunteers. 

#2 – Brand Promotion For Custom Lapel Pins

These pins are ideal for your marketing packs. They can serve the role of a tiny extra tool for your publicity repertoire or simply as package inserts. You can even tailor your custom pins with your company’s mascot or logo to build loyalty and reward clients and employees, who will, in exchange, serve as a compass for elevating your overall brand awareness. A successful win-win, isn’t it? Keep in mind to make your company pins neat enough. By doing so, you will make sure to have people pin-ing for them literally. Isn’t that what you wanted?

#3 – Clubs And Associations

You don’t have to become a Freemason possessing an all-seeing eye medallion to display your rapport. Custom lapel pins (or, again, brooches!) are there by your side. These pins have been a traditional way for club members and members of professional organizations and societies to identify one another and show off their memberships. 

#4 – Commemorative Purposes

Are you about to hit a massive milestone for your business? Awesome! No matter if it is only your company’s anniversary, the retirement of a valuable team member, launching a key product, or anything else, these pins prove to be a unique way to honour special moments, fostering unity, pride, and identity within your company.

#5 – Custom Lapel Pins As Collectables

Of course! In the long run, these lapel pins are no less than fancy little items to possess. A lot of people love to collect them and trade them off. For some people, it is a hobby in itself, yet for others, these pins are a huge part of a larger and more expensive addiction. Oh, and lastly, many people also love to collect these pins because they make such nice tiny touristy souvenirs to bring back home from their exceptional trips all across the globe. 

#6 – Corporate Events

These customized lapel pins are oftentimes given away to the guests or attendees at networking events, trade shows, conferences, etc. By handing these pins over to the audience, you can keep your brand in the back of your audience’s minds. Moreover, it also can be an excuse for some pretty neat creations. We are sure you have got a dope idea sitting right there in your mind. So, why not give it a try. Trust us! It will be completely worth it. 

#7 – Fundraising

It is no secret that charitable and non-profit organizations sell custom lapel pins to raise awareness and also boost their funds. A lot of political movements and organizations have used these add-ons as the main tool for campaigns for generations, as evidenced by the past year’s State of the Union address. 

#8 – Personalized Gifts

We cannot say for you, but for us, getting a customized gift, especially a custom lapel pin from a friend, melts our hearts. Sadly, it has only happened once or twice with us, so we can assure you it is not that common.

If you are exhausted and cannot think of a creative and fresh gift idea, then we think nothing would be more appropriate than a custom lapel pin. You can get any design; our favourite one is a picture of you and the person you are gifting the pin to. 

Moreover, you can also use their name, their picture, any symbol, a heartfelt message, or even a classic scene from a movie that you both cherish. Gift this one-of-a-kind gift on their birthday, graduation, or anniversary to make their day more memorable. 

#9 – Custom Lapel Pins For Sports Teams

Are you proud of how well your team played this year? Well, then puff your chest out and flaunt your team. Lapel pins can be designed to represent your team’s logos, special events, or even mascots. These pins serve as a nice way to celebrate team camaraderie and spirit that bonds the coaches, players, and countless fans all together in a single entity. What a unique way to cherish your team, isn’t it? Since these pins are extremely budget-friendly, you can even distribute them to all the fans in the bleachers to lift their spirits up and make them cheer for your team even more. 

#10 – Social And Political Causes

Using custom lapel pins for political and social causes is, without a flicker of doubt, a classic way to express support for these causes. We do agree that wearing these pins is not a new trend; people have been wearing candidate buttons for quite some time now. However, with the rise of e-commerce, these buttons were widely sought-after by the public. In this modern time and age, nothing is easier than crafting your own custom pin. You can tailor a pin for yourself about any cause that is closer to your heart. However, if you are not into DIY, then there are countless pages online for you to get yourself a fancy custom button. 

Summing It All Up!

Custom lapel pins are trending so much that a lot of people are literally going to health-damaging lengths to wear these pins and flaunt them. By pins, we are not suggesting that you add 80 pounds worth of add-ons to your day-to-day garments. Rather, we are talking about the nice and humble pins that are fashionable and functional at the same time. 

Moreover, these pins also add a dash of extra touch to your marketing game. So, there you go. By reading the information provided above, you are all aware of how you can use these pins efficiently. So, hurry up and order yourself a bunch of pins right now. We are sure you are going to look like the trendiest person in the room whenever you style your custom lapel pins on your ensemble or accessories. 

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