Patch Display Ideas
Patch Display Ideas

7 Creative Ways To Show Off Your Patches

We all agree that patches are the coolest and most amazing way to bring out style and creativity. If you want to give any desired item an artistic and show off your patches, then patches work best for you. Due to their appealing and unique look, many people like to collect patches and display them in different ways. As there are various options and styles of patches, it is possible that you have a number of patches present in your home.

Most people apply patches to wearable items like jackets, shirts, bags and hats. On the other hand, patch lovers think of other creative ideas, such as home décor to flaunt their patches. If you are wondering what can be numerous ways to display your patches, then you are at the right place. We will discuss all the options you can try to showcase your wide range of patches uniquely. So let’s dive in!

Different Ways To Flaunt Your Unique Patch Collection

Flaunt the Emblems by Adding On Your Backpacks:

To make your backpack a trendy and unique piece or to show off your patches on bags, the best option is to apply custom patches. If you are bored of adding emblems to your clothing item, then bags are a perfect alternative to showcase your distinctive style and personality. Placing your favorite patches on the front of your backpack is a great way to accessorize it and stand out from others. You can opt for many application ways such as glueing, iron-on and sewing the patch on your bag. However, as you take your backpacks outdoors in sunlight or other types of weather, we recommend sewing your patch as it makes it more durable and strong.

Organize your Patches in a Display Book:

If you have a good quantity of patches that you want to display, then making a patch display book can be a brilliant idea. It can be a scrapbook, album or notebook in which you can add the emblems in an organized way. There are multiple ways to stick your crests on the book. You can find a book with little plastic pockets to keep the patches inside, or you can simply just glue it down. Patch display books are increasingly popular as they are portable and don’t consume a lot of space. To place your emblems neatly and protected from dust, you can put your patches in a book. There is a variety of colors and styles of books that you can find according to the theme.

Get Yourself a Shadow Box To Show Off Your Patches:

If you are unaware of the shadow box, then it is a display case or frame that has glass on top. There is a fixed space in between to place your items. They are considered a brilliant way of showing three-dimensional artwork, and patches can be beautifully displayed in them. If you want to decorate your home or office in a sophisticated yet creative way, you can’t find a better option. There are a variety of sizes and shapes of shadow boxes available. Select a shadow box of an appropriate size and depth. Attach the patches to a foam or fabric backing within the box. Consider arranging the patches in a visually appealing manner, grouping them by theme or color. This method allows you to create a pleasing display that protects your patches from dust and damage.

Place Your Patches on a Wall Banner:

If you love to show off your travel adventures, then a wall banner can be a good idea. You can easily flaunt souvenir patches by placing them on the banner with the name of the country. It is a good alternative if you don’t want to add emblems to your personal items like a bag or jacket. There are many art stores that sell these banners with wooden sides. But the good part is that you can also make them customize and save money. Although you can sew and glue the patches on the board, the best method is to add custom stickers canada so that you have the choice to take them off later.

Stick the Patches to Your Favorite Pillow:

If you want to get your guests mesmerized by your creative and attractive home décor, then you can make a pillow with your patch collection on it. It is an efficient and fun way to decorate your room or home with a specific theme. All you have to do is get a pillow according to your liking and place the patches. Choose the patches that go well with the surroundings and theme.  Not only decoration but patch pillows can also be a unique gift idea that can remind you of memories.

Customize Your Headwear To Show Off Your Patches:

Adding emblems to headwear is also an excellent way to elevate your style. Using tape or a glue gun, you can stick the patches to the back or front of the hat or cap according to your liking. You can customize your hat in any way that goes well with your outfit. Sewing and heat adhesive patches are also some options. It would be great for your patches and cap in the long run.

Show Off Your Emblems on the Back of Your Jacket:

Patches have been a popular way of adding a personalized touch to clothing items for many years. They are a great way to merge style with comfort. The most popular way to display patches is by applying them on the back of your jacket. You can give a bold fashion statement by placing cool patches on your hoodies or jackets. They are also a fun way to show off your collection of patches and reflect your personality.


Finding innovative ways to display patches can transform them from ordinary patches into visually striking pieces of art. Whether you choose to create a frame, a patch pillow, a shadow box, or incorporate them into clothing or accessories, the possibilities are endless. These ideas allow you to keep your patches safely, share your story, and add a touch of creativity to your home or personal style.

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