types of custom patches
types of custom patches

Types of Patches You Should Know About – Guide!


All of us love different types of patches as they are the classic yet trendiest item in the fashion industry. They have the ability to transform your product and give it a new life. You can use them on almost any item, whether it’s your old jacket, worn-out jeans, boring bag, and not so favorite caps. Patches can add a fun element and give them a new appeal and charm.

In earlier years, there were just simple and plain patches to cover holes or damaged parts of the cloth. But nowadays, you can find a variety of emblems that can be customized into limitless designs. We must say that patches have gone through many transformations and adaptations in the past years. Now people wear different types of badges to show uniqueness and a sense of identity. The question that pops into your mind now is, what are those different types that can elevate your outfits? So let’s read on and explore patches and their types.

Exploring Different Types Of Patches That Can Uplift Your Boring Apparel

PVC Patches:

Want to give 3D texture to your design and make it weather resistant? Get yourself PVC patches. These emblems are made up of one of the oldest materials called, polyvinyl chloride. It is undoubtedly a strong and long-lasting material that can withstand harsh weather, dirt, rain, and much more. These patches have the power to add dimension and strong texture to your designs. If you are no longer a fan of common embroidered patches, then PVC is the perfect choice for you. They are made of super soft plastic that is durable and versatile. You have endless options when deciding on a design for your PVC patch, as they are easily available in different colors and styles.

PVC custom patches were famous as airsoft gear and military gear, which makes them best for any occasion. If you want to add customization to any item that you want to flaunt outdoors, then these emblems can be your best bet.

Embroidered Patches:

Embroidered patches have been a popular way of adding a personalized touch to clothing or any other item for many years. Whether it’s a brand logo, personal design, or sports team, custom embroidery patches are a unique way of showcasing your distinctive style and personality. Before, embroidered patches were made by using thread and needle, but now, as a result of new technology, you can easily make these crests with the machine. Go for these emblems if you want the conventional patches. The vibrant colors and fine detailing make them a perfect choice for every patch lover.

The design is more compelling and attractive on embroidered patches, making them an ideal option for branding. It is common in the military, scouts and sports teams. The best thing about embroidered emblems is that they are less costly than other types of badges. Moreover, it’s one of the most running and trendy patch types due to its durability, detailing and amazing texture.

Leather Patches:

One type of patch that you don’t find commonly is the leather patch. These patches are not popular like PVC or chenille, but they can give a classic and luxurious look to any item. If you are looking to create exclusive patches for your brand, then leather crests are the perfect choice. There are various methods to get your design on these emblems. You can use embossing, printing, debossing or laser engraving techniques. With leather crests, you can give an elegant look and sophisticated feel to any item. These badges are highly customizable and we can shape them into any unique design. You can choose these emblems to give your clothing items or accessories like hats, jackets, and bags a luxurious finish.

Chenille Patches:

Chenille patches are made up of yarn. Don’t think of something ordinary as fancy yarn is used in these emblems which is inserted through the bottom by a machine. This is why chenille badges have a fuzzy yet soft texture that makes them one of the most attention-grabbing crests. There are numerous reasons to buy chenille patches. They offer great flexibility with cool design and are the best option to add a personalized touch to your varsity jackets. Mostly school and college students put chenille badges on their jackets to show their achievements in sports.

Woven Patches:

You can choose woven patches if you are not satisfied with the details of an embroidered patch and want something better. Although these emblems are a lot similar to embroidered crests, they can easily capture finer details. If you look closely, these emblems have tiny threads that give a smooth feel to your design, unlike embroidered ones that have a bit of raised texture. You can apply these patches and wear your item without any bulky feeling as they are lightweight and high-quality.

Name Patches:

Name patches are getting very popular nowadays. These badges have names present and no other elements. They are cheap options, and businesses or brands mostly purchase them in large quantities. There are endless customization options in these crests, as you can get them in any shape and size. Moreover, you can choose whether you want it embroidered, iron on, chenille, woven, or any other patch. Name emblems can be an ideal choice for any type of shoe, coat, hat, or bag. If you add iron-on backing to these patches, then they can also be used as stickers canada.


Different types of patches are available in the market for multiple purposes, making them a good choice for businesses and individuals. They are a creative way to show your distinctive personality. Not only this, they are also an effective marketing tool. Many brands nowadays use patches to market themselves as they are walking billboards.

If you have to gift a special item or stand out in an event, you can use custom emblems. From uniqueness and versatility to their high durability and customization, patches can be worth adding to your wardrobe. We hope that after reading the blog, you will have gained more knowledge about patches and their common types. Now you can pick one according to your needs.

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