Things To Consider While Buying Lanyards In Bulk
Things To Consider While Buying Lanyards In Bulk

Lanyards In Bulk | Important Things To Know Before Buying!

Imagine yourself in the morning running out of time and getting late for work. You run here and there doing morning tasks, spilling coffee, and getting dressed. Just when you are done with all the tasks and are ready to head out, you can’t find your employee card and car key. Yes, we can relate to the amount of frustration that you will face, as we all have been there. In such moments of chaos, lanyards in bulk are the most useful things that can truly be a lifesaver. 

If you are not aware, then lanyards are straps made up of cotton, plastic or polyester. It carries your personal items like car keys, ID badges, and USB. Most businesses use them for their identification and brand visibility. This provides the employees with a feeling of unified appearance and professionalism. In this guide, we will cover all the important factors you need to consider before buying lanyards in bulk. So let’s not wait and dive into the buying process!

Factors That Every Shopper Must Understand Before Buying Lanyards In Bulk

Fabric Or Material 

The first important thing that you need to check is the material of the lanyard. It exists in a variety of options and designs that you can choose from. The most common kind of material for these straps are:

Nylon: Nylon is a strong fiber, and the lanyards that we get are in soft glossy material. The best part about these straps is that you can wear them all day long due to their comfort and durability. You can also print or create custom lanyards in Nylon, as it is a smooth, printable material. 

Cotton: If you want the most comfortable material for your lanyards, then there is no better option than cotton. It offers numerous features, but the best one is its efficient heat absorption. It is the only fabric on which you can do color heat transfer printing. 

Soft Satin: For great details and a wide range of colors, we would recommend you go with soft satin. It is an amazing option if you want for long-term use. The best part is their affordability and customization. The majority of firms choose soft satin as it is the right material for your lanyards. 

The Purpose And The Type Of Lanyards

Lanyards have multiple purposes besides their role as ID card holders in offices. You can use it as a key ring, pen holder, bulldog clip, or badge holder. There are limitless possibilities, which is why it is important to consider the type of lanyard and its purpose. Before placing the order, it is crucial to know why you need it. 

Apart from the purpose, it is also vital to know about the attachments and types of lanyards. Typically it has a plastic hook or standard metal clip. You should learn about the various attachment options and choose the one that is according to your need. Some common types are as follows: 

Breakaway Lanyards: This is the most common type that you see or wear in your normal routine. The strap is a small buckle that allows you to unlatch and latch the lanyard. 

Beaded Lanyards: If you love going extra, then a beaded lanyard is for you. They are made of metal beads instead of fabric. You will feel like you have a piece of jewelry around your neck. 

Double-ended: For individuals who want to attach more than one item to your strap, then double-ended lanyards are the perfect option. The design is different from others as it has two hooks on its end. This provides you with more room to keep your things.

Pocket Lanyards: You might have seen lanyards mostly around the neck, but you can also attach them to your belt loop. They are smaller in size but have a strong hook that can easily carry your things like keys and ID. You can also attach the things to the lanyards and tuck them into your pockets for better safety. 

Cost-Effective Options 

Saving money and getting good products are the top two priorities when buying lanyards in bulk. The best approach to finding the right product is to pay attention to details. Minor details can save you a lot of money. For instance, if cotton lanyards are not in your budget, you can switch to soft satin as they both have the same comfort and durability. Switching from a swivel hook to a swivel lobster claw can also bring the price to your budget. 

The Delivery Fee And Time 

There are many service providers who can offer you good quality products according to your liking. However, you need to choose smartly. When ordering in bulk, check the delivery charges and the time. For bulk orders, mostly the delivery fees are not that much, which is why it is important to look for a company that provides you with freebies and other perks on big orders. 


Just like custom patches, the price of lanyards is dependent on factors like design, material, and, most importantly, the service providers. You should survey the market and take quotes from different suppliers. You can get the best and most affordable outcome by comparing the prices and finding the best one.

Customer Service 

One of the most crucial things is customer service. There might be times when you need changes in your design or color; that is why look for companies with amazing customer service. They should be responsive and should have the ability to deal professionally with every order.


From keys and ID holders to phones, lanyards have played a useful role in the workplace for many years. They have numerous purposes that you can use according to your choice. With this in mind, choosing the best type of lanyard for your firm is something that requires a lot of thinking and attention.

We hope after reading this blog, you have a clear idea about the buying process and the factors that you should take into consideration. This includes the material, design, the purpose of order, and the types of lanyards. It is also crucial to choose a suitable service provider. Few things that you should notice while picking the supplier include the customer service, delivery charges, the quality of material used, and the total cost.

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